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"I bought tile and a heated floor and had a local tile setter install it and provide the setting materials. The tile cracked in several areas, and the job was very expensive. Now I’m left holding the pieces because the tile setter won’t warranty his work. How can I avoid this problem on future work?"

Affordable Floors is on your side! We hold our suppliers accountable if there is an issue with a product. We also warranty our installations! That means we do it by the book, and use our knowledge and experience to avoid any problems in the future.

"How does Affordable Floors communicate with their customers?"

It is our goal to make you feel "warm and fuzzy" about your project! We will agree on a date and time for the installation, and we don't like surprises any more than you do. We'd rather over-communicate with you than make assumptions! We can communicate by any means that works for you, if that means texting back and forth, that works for us!

"Do I have to pay to get an estimate done?"

Not at all! In most cases, all we ask is that you make a trip to the showroom to have a look at some samples, then we'll arrange a time to come and do the estimate. In most cases, we'll then have the quote back to you later the same day, or the next day at the latest! If you live out of town, we're happy to bring a few samples along, and stop in to see you and do our measurements while we're there.

"How long do special orders take?"

Most of our suppliers warehouse their products in Western Canada, and if a product is in stock it will likely only take 2-3 days to arrive. In some situations, a product will come from Eastern Canada and can take 10-14 days. There are some very rare occasions, where the supplier is sold out of a product and that can cause significant delays. But we are on top of it! If you pick out a product, we'll make a call and immediately let you know exactly how long it'll be before it arrives.

"I have a friend who just finished going through a problematic renovation. The quality was not up to standards. How can I be sure Affordable Floors is different?"

Start by coming to talk to our Professional Staff. Either Rob, Kevin or Donna will help to answer your questions and lean on the decades of combined experience. We are homeowners too! We take great pride in providing the best customer service possible, and we respect your time as well as your home!